Activision Blizzard manages to temporarily avoid one of the demands he faced

In the history of video game, some titles have distinguished themselves for their very bad critical reception. They may have received ironic and offset prices (such as the Golden Mullet Awards), have been designated as the worst by magazines or specialized sites, have received bad notes from the same (which translates into a weak score on Aggregators like Metacritic), or little appreciated by players. Some bad titles have made talk about them by videographers on the internet, like the Angry Video Game Nerd or the attic player. We will talk about a bad game for several reasons but the main ones being dated or poor quality graphics, many bugs and glitches, misunderstanding. The list will only include original titles being known to be bad. It will therefore not understand, except exception, the adapted titles of movies or television series, often considered as simple derivatives, or independent games, often developed by smaller teams, sometimes amateur, and with lower expectations.

Activision Blizzard has faced over the year a host of accusations, controversial and has seen how its image was deteriorated by a toxic and abuse culture that settled in the company for years. The scandal came to light as a result of a state demand from California against the company, where they alleged that the company fostered a discriminatory work culture towards women who worked in the company, which would have derived even in the suicide of one of its employees.

Activision Blizzard Cave, End Arbitration For Harassment Claims, CEO Pay Massively Cut For Now

The company has tried to overcome some claims through resources. They tried to suspend judgment for harassment, although unsuccessful: Judge, Timothy Patrick Dillon, dismissed the request assuring that it was unfounded. But parallel to the allegations for harassment, Communications Workers of America accused Activision Blizzard of anti-union activities.

The complaint was withdrawn by a technicalism and will be presented again soon in the demand for CWA from which Eco Gamesindustry has been made, it is accused of Activision Blizzard to have threatened employees, denying them the possibility of talking about salaries, schedules and working conditions, interfering with workers rights for trade unions. It should be taken into account that the pressure of industry workers by syndicate has been increasing exponentially in recent years after allegations by toxic cultures in different companies and repeated cases of labor exploitation.

The complaint was presented before the National Board of Labor Relations, however, we have known that has been withdrawn. One of the Axios Bulletins has collected the statements of one of the union representatives, which has confirmed that The lawsuit has been withdrawn by a technicalism, but that will be presented again very soon. The president of Activision Blizzard, Robert Kotick, has already taken the first steps to change the dynamics of the company after expressing his apologies and imposing a substantial salary drop.