FC Arsenal commits 5

The FC Arsenal sets the course for the future. The Gunners have signed the five-year-old wunderkind Zayn Ali Salman.

Different media in the United Kingdom already called Ali Salman as a small Messi due to its versatility and its enormous talents. Already a few weeks ago, Ali Salman, then still as a 4-year-old, should have been contracted by Arsenal.

This child can do things that it should not be. As strong as he plays the ball, that does not fit at his age, Arsenal-Scout Stephen Deans swarmed in a recently published BBC contribution.

Never, he can not be in kindergarten, I have to talk to his parents, his first thoughts had been when he experienced by Zayn s age. Now we are here. I brought him to some trainings and he s doing it well. So it was not a mayfly. He is very constant.

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⚽️ Así juega Zayn Ali Salman, el niño de 4 años que fichó el Arsenal

Zayn s father, Ali Salman, came to word in the contribution and tells of the first steps of his son in football. He had an incredible sense of equilibrium very young.