Genshin Impact for PS5 was developed practically from scratch by the particularities of the console

GENSHIN IMPACT is one of the titles more in the form of the moment. The open world RPG is a global phenomenon, and its FREE TO PLAY condition, with microtransractions to acquire characters and objects, is generating many economic benefits. Not only in PC and consoles, also on mobile devices, where from the beginning it has been one of the most profitable games. But how is it being behind a work like that?

Thanks to recent statements, we have known that for MiHoyo it has not been easy to take its title to all possible platforms. When you listen this you can quickly think of the mobile world, for the number of models and configurations, or the Nintendo Switch version, by the power of the machine, but it is not like this: has been PlayStation 5 The platform What more work has led them.

In an interview on Play Magazine collected by Gamesradar, the team behind Genshin Impact has ensured that The PS5 version was made almost from scratch. We made the PS5 version almost from scratch, including graphics and charging file for SSD, have commented.


Although communication is more efficient, it has less tolerance to the miHoyo failures this is, mainly, to the characteristics of the hardware of the new generation console that, far from being complicated, has less tolerance to errors. Unlike the rest of the platforms, dialogue with this hardware tends to be very simple, they continue. However, this means that, although communication is more efficient, it has a lower tolerance to failures.

Similarly, took advantage of the facilities of the machine to make new implementations. In addition to fast burden, we carry out significant improvements in the shadows of the characters, which allows real-time shading effects much more detailed in characters and environments, they say.

In the team are still focused on improving experience and, on specific PlayStation, they wanted to highlight Aloy s presence in the game, as well as that they are exploring more features for the dualsense. We will have to wait to be able to try them, although surely before we get more unexpected and surprising news, like the one we had a few weeks ago with the failed collaboration with Elon Musk.

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