GTA Trilogy is so big on the switch that it does not fit on a cartridge

Rockstar Games dares with the GTA Trilogy for the first time the jump of the 3D series onto a Nintendo console. The definitive edition of the trilogy contains the games GTA 3 , Vice City as well as San Andreas and appears both digitally and as a trade version. At the latter you have to be careful at the Nintendo Switch, because it will not be everything on the cartridge on it.

GTA Trilogy in the retail version not completely from the beginning

According to a product page of the American dealer Target, the Official Cover of the Switch version was known. But this suggests that not everything is supplied directly on the map. Namely, an indication that a download is needed in the lower corner.

What does that mean? We do not know exactly because the more info should be on the back of the case. This has not yet been published. Rockstar has not yet expressed itself. So far, only due to past games can be guessed how to deal with the smaller storage space of the Cartridge.

How could it be? One possibility would be that on the map only one of the three games is and the rest is attached as a download code, which you can then download individually. Thus, at least it would be possible to play a game directly while waiting for the finalization of the download.

The PROBLEM With Remakes, Remasters & Definitive Edition Video Games! GTA Trilogy Switch & More! The second possibility, which was already used in games such as L.A. Noire or NBA 2K, is that you download additional files before starting and first have to wait for download. This would be the much worse variant for many impatient GTA fans. In the digital version, the games already appear on the 11th of November, the trading version should be available on 07. December.

What expects you in the Remasters content and how you will look like, you can see in the following trailer:

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No matter how the versions of GTA Trilogy will look at the Nintendo Switch: It s the first time you can officially play these games on a Nintendo console. An additional download would also be worthwhile to play the classics on the way.

Which console will you get the GTA Trilogy?