Hagen Schmidt becomes new coach at MSV Duisburg

Schmidt receives a contract at the Zebras until 2023, as the club announced on Monday. Hagen has shown in the conversations meticulous and detailed the state of MSV. He is purposeful in address, has a clear game idea, is self-confident, and hard enough for the current situation - but also with visions, without the second To make a step before the first, sports director Ivica GriC justified the obligation.

The MSV matches Schmidt to the profile called by sports director Ivica GriC. The 46-year-old had explained after the separation of Pavel Dotchev to commit a unused coach . Says: Schmidt is not only asked as a rescuer, but should work in perspective in Duisburg.

This will be an interesting challenge.

Hagen Schmidt

This also underlines President Ingo Forest. Schmidt should stabilize the team, develop for the future, but above all successfully play. He has convinced us in his analysis of the team, the situation and the pointing of the paths.

The MSV is a cool club with a lot of potential. I realize that the claims are in and around the game club, that will be an interesting challenge, said Schmidt, who will tackle the task with a lot of energy and conviction .

Schmidt will sit in the home game against the 1st FC Kaiserslautern next Monday for the first time on the bench. Interim Trainer Uwe Schubert is now fully devoted to his duties as NLZ conductors. Under his line, the zebras lost the FSV Zwickau on Saturday with 2: 3, although they had led to 2: 1 until the 87th minute.