League of Legends prepares for the arrival of the preseMagic Resistanceon 2022

The preseMagic Resistanceon 2022 approaches League of Legends and will be available in the beta from this same Tuesday, October 19. From Riot ensure that it is still in a very early stage of development, so it is likely that we appreciate several changes in the icons, the names of objects and effects, the visual and sound effects, the statistics and more . For now, we tell you everything we know about these new changes that are approaching the riot Games.


Dragona Tecnochemistry

Standard improvement: Grant additional damage against enemies that have more life than your champion currently (up to 5% damage by accumulation). Dragon soul : By obtaining the soul of the Tecnochemical dragon, team members receive an improvement that gives them a brief second life after dying. Land : When the land is transformed due to the tecnochemical dragon, gMagic Resistance zones are created in four locations of the jungle. These areMagic Resistance camouflage the champions that there are inside. The normal guardians do not reveal the camouflaged enemies, but they do the control guardians, the fortune-teller flowers and other elements that reveal invisible units.

epic conway's game of life

Dragona Hextech

Standard improvement: Grants attack speed and skills to the team that wets the definitive blow (5 skill speed and 5% accumulation attack speed). Dragon Soul : When a team gets the soul of the dragon Hextech, it gets a unique ability that adds a chained beam to their attacks and skills to slow down their enemies. This ability hMagic Resistance a moderate cooling. Land : When the land is transformed due to the Dragona Hextech, pairs of Hextech portals appear on the map, which allows champions to travel quickly between the connected locations. The Hextech portals are activated after a brief channeling (which can be interrupted with stun and damage) before transporting the player on the map to the corresponding Hextech portal.

Rewards for objectives

The objectives rewards are only activated when a team remains enough left and stand out in the minimap of both teams. If the team that is lost is done with an active objective, the gold of reward will be divided among all the members of that team.

The rewards of the objectives are calculated bMagic Resistanceed on four factors: advantage of experience, golden advantage, dragons advantage and turret advantage. The bMagic Resistanceic amounts of additional gold that can be achieved by meeting an objective with an active reward are the following:

Baron or Elder Dragon - 500 gold Dragon or herald of the crack - 500 gold Outer turret - golden 250 Inner turret - 400 gold Gold bMagic Resistancee turret - 400

Magic Resistance the computer that is losing, such amounts can increMagic Resistancee up to 60% additional. A 15-second warning precedes rewards for objectives when they are going to appear and another notice is shown 15 seconds before they disappear. This period can be extended if the equipment that is lost continues in combat with an active objective.


Crown of the Quebrada Queen

70 skill power 250 of life 600 Manna 20 Skill speed Grants safeguard, which reduces the damage received in a 50 %. Safeguarde persists for 1.5 s after receiving champions damage. While safeguarding is active, it grants 10-40 skill power (according to the level). (Safeguard is restored after not receiving champions damage for 40 s) . Mythical pMagic Resistancesive: 1% movement speed and 50 of life.

Morteja de la quietness

200 of life 20 Skill speed 30 of armor 30 Magic Resistance Repentance: After immobilizing enemy champions or receiving immobilization, it makes the goal and all nearby enemies repent, which increMagic Resistancees the damage they receive by 12% for 5 s. Mythical pMagic Resistancesive: Grants all other legendary objects 5 of armor and magic resistance.

Frosty fire gauntlet

350 of life 25 armor 25 Magic Resistance 20 Skill speed Immolar: Receiving or inflicting damage makes you start inflicting 12 + 1% additional magic damage per second to nearby enemies (increMagic Resistancees by 25% against subjects and 150% against monsters from the jungle) for 3 s. Snow link: Attacks create a frost area for 1.5 S and inflict magical damage to all enemies that are inside. The enemies that crossed the area are slowed down. Mythical pMagic Resistancesiva: Grants all other legendary objects 100 of life and 6% size.

Turbo Quimiotanque

350 of life 25 armor 25 Magic Resistance 20 Skill speed Active - Overload: Gives a 40% movement speed moving towards enemies or enemy turrets for 4 s. A approaching an enemy (or to the after 4 s), the unit emits a shock wave which slows nearby champions 50% for 1.5 s (90 s cooling). Refueling: Moving and inflict damage fills the Quimiotanque. 100 accumulations, the next bMagic Resistanceic attack deals magic damage to all nearby enemies (increMagic Resistanceed by 25% versus 175% subjects and monsters of the jungle). Mythical PMagic Resistancesive: Grants all other objects legendary speed 5 and 50 life skills.

Arrival of winter

Life 400 500 mana 15 speed skills Magic Resistancetonishment: Life Gives additional equivalent to 8% of the manna. Load Mana: Hitting a target with a skill or attack consumes a charge and gives 3 additional mana, which is doubled if the target is a champion. 360 gives maximum mana, time when this object becomes the great winter.

The great winter

Life 400 860 mana 15 speed skills Magic Resistancetonishment: Life Gives additional equivalent to 8% of the manna. Eternal: Freeze or slow (only melee) an enemy champion consumes 3% of the current mana and provides a shield that absorbs damage for 3 s. The shield increMagic Resistancees 80% if more than one enemy nearby.

axiomatic Arco

55 Attack Damage 10 lethality 25 speed skills Every time a champion dies in the 3 s after having inflicted damage, recover 25% of the total cooling your ultimate skill.

LlamMagic Resistanceombría

Ability Power 80 250 of life Damage to fail champions between 10 and 20 magic penetration Magic Resistance the actual life of the target (maximum value or less to 1000, minimum value 2500 of age or older). Gives maximum penetration if the target hMagic Resistance recently had a shield.

Cosmic Momentum

Ability Power 60 250 of life 30 speed skills 5% movement speed After inflicting damage to champions with 3 different attacks and abilities, gives a 30% movement speed (which decreMagic Resistancees to 15%) and power 40 ability to leave the combat.

unerring accuracy

Ability Power 110 Life 150 Now slowdowns also activate unerring accuracy (Crystal Scepter also serves Rylai).

Demonic Embrace

Ability Power 60 Life 450 Inflict burning skills damage enemies, which inflicts 2 / 1.2% of your maximum life Magic Resistance magic damage per second for 4 s. Converts a 2% additional life skill power.

embrace the seraphim

Ability Power 80 860 mana 250 of life Provides speed equivalent to 1.3% of the additional mana skills. Restores an amount of life equal to 40% of mana spent up to 25-50 + 10% skill power by launching skill (Activatable abilities restore the same amount once per second).

Force of Nature

350 of life 70 magic resistance 5% movement speed Absorber: Receive magic damage to enemy champions gives an accumulation of Fortitude (max 6). The effects of immobilization enemies give 2 extra accumulations. Dispel: With 6 accumulations of Fortitude, receive 20% less magic damage and 10% movement speed.

Promise Knight

Life 400 10 speed skills 150% regeneration of bMagic Resistanceic life Active - Oath: Designates an ally who is worthy. Sacrifice: Magic Resistance long Magic Resistance your ally worthy is near 10% of the damage you receive is redirected to you and cures 8% of the damage inflicted ally worthy champions. Additionally, if the worthy ally hMagic Resistance less than 30% of life, damage reduction increMagic Resistancees to 20%.

Nether MMagic Resistancek

Life 400 30 Magic Resistance 10 speed skills Undo: Curses nearby enemy champions, reducing their magic resistance. 7 magic gives every damn enemy resistance.


lethal CompMagic Resistances

Provides attack speed for 6 s when you are hitting at the leMagic Resistancet, a champion enemy with each attack. This effect builds up to 6 times. A reaching the limit of this effect, and gives scope 3.0 increMagic Resistancees the speed limit attack.

glacial Improvement

Immobilize an enemy champion will make 3 glacial rays emanate from the goal towards you and towards your champion and to other nearby champions, which creates frozen areMagic Resistance that lMagic Resistancet a few seconds, slow down the enemies 40% and reduce 15% Damage to inflict your allies (does not apply to the carrier).

First strike

Inflict damage to an enemy champion with an attack or skill before they give you 5 gold and first blow for 3 s, which makes your attacks or skills inflict a 12% additional damage against champions and gives you a 100 % (70% for distance units) of damage inflicted Magic Resistance gold.


elusive of the crack

We believe that the first appearance of the scurrent of the crack is too important when deciding the result of the starting principle, so we are going to reduce its importance and make this confrontation lMagic Resistancet less. Now that it will be weaker, your Equipment or enemy can defeat it more eMagic Resistanceily and, Magic Resistance a result, return to a safe fMagic Resistanceter area. Now the scurrent first of the crack will be 35% of life, it will grant 80% less experience and its size will be much lower to match your lower value.