Mini Xbox refrigerator runs out in 15 minutes

It seems that what started as a meme ended up being a successful marketing strategy. Although the origin of the mini refrigerator shaped Xbox Series X could be considered as mere chance, where figures such as Ash Parrish magazine Kotaku what they described as a trick dumb advertising today proved otherwise.

As we already told you here This product was launched exclusively for the United States today, October 19, 2021, at 9:30 am Eastern time (8:30 Mexico time) and after just 15 minutes presale, the store reported depleted units. So fast? This can only be a work of the enemy worst collectors: resellers.

After a few hours, they began to emerge on e-bay offers this unique refrigerator asking to dlrs $ 300 or $ 6,000 mxn about, ie triple the original price.

And all this, what makes it so special to the Xbox mini fridge? Has led lights to simulate the glow of a real console, also it has space for 12 cans of your favorite beverage and USB charging port to the front ... because it would not be a gamer accessory feature on this style.

Meme Marketing in 2020 | What Is Meme Marketing? | Meme Marketing By Brands If you were hoping to be among the first to have one of these appliances, you not only won resellers, remember that the very Snoop Dog was the one who won the race cans cool in an Xbox. But there is still hope of making you with yours as Xbox says that in 2022 will more sales.

Note to the Editor: It s funny how an image that was created to mock a brand took advantage of it to make a new way to make money right?