Nintendo Switch Online DataMiner digs many more classics - 38 N64 and 52 Sega

Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) is an online membership solution for the Nintendo Switch computer game console. Nintendo Switch Online functions consist of online multiplayer, cloud conserving, voice chat via a smart device application, access to a collection of Nintendo Amusement System (NES) as well as Super Nintendo Home Entertainment System (SNES) games, in addition to other promotions as well as deals. A broadened rate of the solution, Nintendo Switch Online + Development Pack, adds Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games to the collection. Via the Development Pack the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pleased Residence Paradise DLC growth was additionally added. Complying with an acting period where Nintendo supplied online multiplayer for free, the registration solution officially introduced on September 18, 2018, with the expansion releasing on October 25, 2021. The service is Nintendo s 3rd generation online service after Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as well as Nintendo Network.

The chargeable expansion package for Nintendo Switch Online adds a small range of selected N64 and SEGA titles to the subscription service. Nintendo announced so far 14 Sega and 16 N64 games, 23 The titles are available directly to the launch.

Since yesterday, the service for Nintendo Switch is available online. A DataMiner has taken the release of the expansion package for the occasion to seek the source code according to interesting information. And he finished.

Many N64 and SEGA titles could follow

What did he discover? On Twitter, the DataMiner Mondomega shares his discovery with us. Accordingly, we will expect a total of 38 N64 titles and 52 Sega titles. The missing titles could therefore be submitted in the course of time:

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Which titles will follow? Unfortunately, the DataMiner has only been able to make out the game IDs, but not the direct names. However, the list is arranged alphabetically so that it could speculate due to the missing gaps which games will come.

So the three gaps in the N64 list could stand between Mario Kart 64 and Mario Tennis for Mario Party 1-3. Mondomega also speculates that Wave Race 64 and Super Smash Bros. Potential titles are. Some gaps are already clear because Nintendo announced some games like The Legend of Zelda: Majora s Mask.

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Which games have already been officially announced, you see in the matching trailer of Nintendo:

That thinks the community

And otherwise? In the comment column, the rates goes down. Some of the titles, speculate, are Goldeneye 007 and Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2. Commentator Ramos even calls several titles that he could imagine:

Majora s on 37, Smash to 32 and Wave Race to 33 are almost guaranteed. 35 may be either World Cup 98 or Worms Armageddon. From the first six, the 1 is confirmed as a Banjo. The other five could be TOOIE, BOMBERMAN 64, DIDDY KONG RACING, DK64 and maybe 1080 ° snowboarding?

The list of game wishes from the community could be continued forever. It remains to be seen which of the desired title Nintendo will add in the expansion package.

All information about Nintendo Switch online, the expansion pass and prices reveals our Nintendoarticle:

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That s how the rumor is

How likely is that? We should definitely enjoy this list with caution. Mondomega is one of the hitherto unknown leakers and it could be just as good that the list is fake. We d better wait and officially unveiled by Nintendo, Sega and how many N64 games are actually yet to come.

What games you would you ask for?