President Putin spent a bargain on the Russian team won the E-Sports Competition.

PSG.LGD is a specialist Dota 2 team based in China. They were created as a partnership in between PSG Esports and also LGD Gaming in April 2018. PSG.LGD has ended up as the runner-up in The International 2018 and 2021.

President Vladimir Putin spent a supervision on the Russian team who won the International E Sports Competition.

The team of Putin celebrates the message of congratulations is the Russian Team Team Spirit , which is a global e-Sports Competition hosted by the Tota 2 developer s valve, and the Chinese team psg.lgd, which is winning the Chinese team psg.lgd in the International 2021. On the 17th (local standard), the team Spirit was won the final score 3: 2 at the end of the fierce engagement to the last set.

Russian President Vladimir Putin plays in amateur hockey game Afterwards, the official homepage of Russia Kremlin Palace was posted on the official homepage of Russia. Kremlin Palace is the same place as the Korean Blue House. He celebrates that Dota 2 World Championships more championships. This is the first time the Russian team won the Russian team.

Then he took the leadership and cohesion in the process of entering the team and took the lead in the decisive game with strong rivals. You proved that Russian e-sports players could conquer any normal.

It is unusual to convey the superb team to the national team who won the President of the International E Sports Competition in the Overseas International E Sports Competition, and there is no precedent in Korea. However, President Moon Jae-in visited Korean and Swedish E-Sports Afternoon on the last 2019 and supported the Korean national team.

Meanwhile, the team Spirit who won the International This year, receives $ 1,821 million (KRW21.5bn) (KRW21.5bn). This is the highest winning prize for the contest.