Price increase at Switch Online: Insiderin reveals why it gets more expensive

If your Nintendo Switch wants to have been online together with the expansion package, you have to reach very deep into your pocket. An inside woman means the reason to know.

Nintendo Switch Online: Fans are skeptical

As part of a LiveStream, Nintendo recently announced the future prices for the Service Nintendo Switch online. To the joy of the fans nothing changes at the basic membership , but the additional expansion package looks quite different.

While this contains games of retro consoles Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive, but also strikes with 39.99 euros for individual membership and 69.99 euros for family membership zubuche. That is, users pay twice the year. Although the package contains the Happy Home Designer DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo fans are shocked about the in their opinion unjustified high price.

Reddit user doodlebuggering, for example, has a very extensive opinion:

There are a few problems. 1) The N64 library is the smallest of all Nintendo consoles. This means that it will probably take a long time to get games to this day. 2) You will find Genesis games almost everywhere. Sega has ported her on everything - there are enough options, including the Genesis collection on the switch (which is favorable). If you would add 32x, SEGA CD, SATURN or DREAMCAST games, it would be tempting.

The price is now almost the same as PS plus. Especially the AC DLC screams for last minute addition and is useless if you do not have AC at all, says doodlebuggering.

(Source: Reddit)

WAS offers you Nintendo Switch online with the expansion package? An overview:

The expansion package is not cheap. Why?

Why does Nintendo demand so high prices for the new extension of the switch service? According to NWR employee and proven Nintendo-Leaker s Emily Rogers, the probable reason is quite simple: The cost of the licenses . Here Nintendo probably was very spendable:

The license costs are probably the main reason for the high price of the NSO extension. I have heard that Sega was very much, very well paid. This is noteworthy because Sega was not a fan of the Wii-VC service due to low sales figures, the division of revenue and lack of marketing. That s why Sega did not support Wii U.

In another tweet, Rogers points out that for the same service also games of other companies would have to be licensed and summed up. And then there would be Nintendos Agreement with Rare and Microsoft for Banjo-Kazooie for the Nintendo-64 library. Furthermore, Costs for third-party games such as Konami and Capcom .

(Source: Nintendolife)

Burz appeared the switch OLED. How is that? We reveal that you:


48 hours with the Switch OLED: Why not the same, Nintendo?

Kaan Gürayer

Assessment of the editor

Of course, the very high price is a small shock, but in the end, you always forget what work and names are behind to put a project on the legs. Therefore, the reason with the licenses is not even unlikely .

I personally like it if it is as much as possible in a place, so I m fan of the extra and clear libraries , which at the same time give me a piece of childhood. In the end, one pays for a single membership just 4 euros a month.

Of course you do not have as much choice as with services like PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass, but with NSO it is also in a completely different direction.

Does it still want to stay with the basic membership? This is easy via Amazon:

Nintendo Switch Online Membership - 12 Months | Switch Download Code

Now from 19,99 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price as of 10/25/2021 18:24

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