The extension package for Nintendo Switch online is live

The online service The Nintendo Switch has new features. But really prickling it does not work yet.

Today, the expansion package for Nintendo Switch online, the online service of the hybrid console, started. If you want, you can now play with selected titles for the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Mega Drive on the switch from now on NEST and SNES games. These include classics like Super Mario 64, Sonic The Hedghog 2 or Shinobi III. There are also in the collection titles such as WinBack, Musha and Risar.

The fun is not very reasonably priced. If the regular membership cost nearly 20 euros per year, it is a total of 40 euros with expansion package. On top of that, there is an enlargement Happy Home Paradise for Animal Crossing: New Horizons player (can also be purchased separately) as part of the subscription.

However, not everything seems to run optimally. Since the early morning hours, the votes on Twitter, Reddit and Co, that some games like Mario Kart 64, especially in online mode, are not faultless on the Nintendo Switch running and there is a noticeable input delay.

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Also, something the buttons occupy for Nintendo-64 games surprises on the Nintendo Switch, if you do not play with the new old N64 controller. Instead of laying the functions of the yellow C buttons on the second analog stick, the shoulder button ZR must be kept so that the Abxy buttons take over this job. In addition, x and y are used as the left or bottom of the C-buttons when the shoulder button ZR is not held. With the original control, this is not much to do and is very getting used to some titles.