6 switch highlights you can look forward to in November / December

Even if the big Nintendo Switch blasts stay this year, there are still some promising titles for the small console in November and December 2021. We have picked out the potentially best and introduce you to this list again separately.

Overview of all coming switch games, however, you will find here:

All Nintendo Switch Releases 2021 All switch games that appear 2022

Pokémon radiant diamond and luminous pearl

Release: 19 . November 2021 Genre: RPG

Pokémon Bright diamond and luminous pearl returns the 4th generation in a new look to the Nintendo Switch. But not only the cute Chili look is new — the new edition of the RPG benefits on the Switch of a number of Quality of Life improvements and innovations such as the Pokémon Hide, which remind of the natural zone of sword and shield.

Why Pokémon Diamante and Perl sound promising now, we reveal you in our Death Door-Preview.

Shin Mega mi Tense 5

Release: 12 . November 2021 Genre: RPG

SHIN MEGA MI is considered the origin of the popular persona series and goes to the fifth round on November 12th. And like the spin-off, Shin Mega mi revolves around the question of what would happen if the heroes and monsters would not live in the postalapalkalypse or the past, but to the current Tokyo and go to high school.

Off the What if... of the persona universe, the world of Mega mi Tense is considerably darker. Unlike the fourth part, who played in the feudal Japan, this time it goes to modern Tokyo — or what is left of it. Because demons seem to have spread, and probably it is to stop them.

GTA Trilogy

Release: 11 . November 2021 Genre: Action

15 Exciting New Games Coming to Nintendo Switch - November 2021

In the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy The Definitive Edition Rockstar Games newly launches three action classics. With GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, three legendary Open World games are in the package, but not only portable for new publication, but also graphically and partly polished playfully polished properly. For example, there are significantly improved light engines, more detailed textures, adapted control and much more.

All differences and improvements in the GTA Trilogy can be found in our review.

Death s Door

Release: 23 . November 2021 Genre: Action Adventure

After the Action Adventure Death s Door was already able to convince on the Xbox and a considerable rating of 88 in the Gamer test could also take place at the end of November on the Nintendo Switch together with the crow-renen man on soul hunt.

In the figure of the gloomy hero, you are struggling through different dungeons, kills opponents and bosses and is getting stronger by improving your equipment and skills about collected resources. On the way, your new abbreviations turns free and discovered hidden secrets. Incidentally, Death s Door will also appear for PS4 and PS5 on the same day.

Our test about Death s Door Lest you here.

Life is Strange: True Colors

Release : December 2021 (concrete appointment TBA) Genre: Adventure

Life is Strange: True Colors tells a completely new story with new characters within the IS universe and can therefore be played without prior knowledge. This time she slips into the denim jacket by Alex, who returns to her hometown of Haven Springs after years of absence and wants to rebuild the relationship with her brother.

In the course of emotional history, the young woman is entangled into a mystery that applies to dissolve, and builds many acquaintances with the residents of Haven Springs.

The Adventure has been available on PlayStation and Xbox since September. Our test to Life is Strange True Colors read here.

Outer Wilds

Release : December 2021 (concrete appointment TBA) Genre: Adventure

Outer Wilds is an exploratory adventure in which we as astronaut as an astronaut fathom the mysteries of the solar system and solve puzzles while we set in an endless time strip of around 20 minutes. In the course of this time loop, the levels and places change in Outer Wilds, so we witness different events in each pass before we are relocated back to the starting point of the game. Within the 20 minutes, for example, it is necessary to translate old writings into broken room stations to explore undergoing cities or track alien signals.

More promising switch games in November and December 2021

The Wild at Heart \ — Nov. 16 Big Brain Academy \ — 3rd Dec. Danganronpa Decadence \ — 3rd Dec. Monster Rancher 1 + 2 DX \ — Dec. 9 Dec. Record of Lodoss was \ — December 16th. Grow: Song of the Degree \ — Nov. 16 What are the best Nintendo Switch games of all time? In addition, if you are looking for Nintendo Switch hits that are already available and can be played immediately, then we can put our big gamer top list the heart: these are those in our eyes 40 Best Nintendo Switch Games of All Times. Now the Gamer Community is required: Which Nintendo Switch games are you still looking forward to this year and why?