Activision Blizzard establishes a workplace responsibility committee that continuously monitor harassment and discrimination measures

Activision Blizzard revealed that the workplace responsibility committee aimed at improving the culture and environment of work on November 22nd time.

The Blizzard Sexual Harassment Controversy Explained

This workplace responsibility committee is installed to oversee the progress of a new policy, procedure, and commitment to eliminate any form of discrimination and harassment in the company. At first, Dawn Strops, which is composed of two independent directors, and Dawn Strops, who works as an independent director, will be a member of Rev eta Bowers, who works from 2018, and newly add a diverse director I hope to aim at.

The committee requests management to take important performance indicators and other means to measure progress and account responsibility. CEO Bobby Comic Chick and the Best Human Resources Officer, and the Best Compliance Head often report progress to the committee, and the committee regularly reports to the entire Board of Directors. The committee supports its work, and is authorized to hire external consultants and advisors, including independent legal advisors.

As for Activision Blizzard, the other day Bobby Comic has concealed sexual scandals, and it has become clear that employees and shareholder groups are signing three resignation including Bobby Comic. Rice field.