Alien: Isolation will reach cell phones in December

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The saga of alien has certainly had its ups and downs both in the cinema and the video games, however, alien: isolation is definitely one of the best games in the market that this franchise has. Even though this title is already available in the Nintendo Switch, who seek a much greater level of portability will be happy to know that it will also reach mobiles in December.

Yes, alien: isolation will be available for devices iOS and android the next December 16 at a price of $14.99 dollars, and here you can see how it looks with its first advance in video.

If you are interested in playing this version and accounts with a device Apple, then you can already make your pre-sale through the following link. And before you ask you, yes, it is the full version of the game but obviously lowered for cell phones.

Alien: Isolation | A Modern Miracle Editor s Note: The truth is that Alien: Isolation is one of those titles that should definitely be experienced as their authors wanted it. If you have any console or PC that supports you, I would highly recommend playing that version instead of the mobile phone, since although it does not look so bad, the experience will certainly not be the same.