Bear Uncle Restaurant Express Fishing Heaven next year

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The Baseman Restaurant developer, Open Cat announced on the 6th, the spin-off title Fishing Heaven was planned to release with Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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Fishing Heaven is a work that has been published after the Baseman Restaurant, which was released as a Nintendo Switch and steam. Fishing in the south sea of ​​a peaceful heaven and a simple style game that goes to the story, a simple style that gives a relaxed and senile feeling dot graphics and a simple operation that can be easily manipulated.

Main content is fishing but also contains life elements. There are more than 20 NPCs, including some characters in the former bear, and may be able to increase the intimacy and proceed with the substation associated with that character.

It is also possible to exchange contact with faster movement, strengthening, and friendly, and friends through the Heaven s smartphone Hand Patton, which is the main character. It is also possible to decorate his house through the base interior function. Here, friends also visit, and various events also arise.

Fishing Heaven is released as a Nintendo Switch and steam in 2022, and it is undergoing accurate time and Korean support.