Buy Nintendo Switch: Console on Thursday cheap at Aldi Süd

The Nintendo Switch (likewise only switch) is a computer game console of the Japanese company Nintendo. She showed up on March 3, 2017, in Europe, Australia, North America and also Asia along with on 15 August 2017 in Argentina. As a supposed crossbreed console, the successor of the Wii U can be made use of both as a fixed, so with an outside display console, along with a mobile handheld console. The Joy-coned detachable controls allow games in a third variant, the so-called table setting. The Nintendo Switch stands in direct competitors to Sony s PlayStation 4 and also Microsoft s Xbox One. On 19 September 2018, with Nintendo Switch Online presented an online solution on the basis of a subscription membership for the switch. On September 20, 2019, the Nintendo Switch Lite appeared a 2nd, extra compact version of the console, the lack of link alternatives to an exterior Screen is mainly made for mobile usage. On October 8, 2021, the Nintendo Switch OLED version, a modification with larger OLED screen showed up.

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If you are — for example, as a Christmas present — looking for a copy of the Nintendo Switch and would like to save something, you should visit a branch of Aldi Süd this week. There, there is the hybrid console of Nintendo — where it could soon come to the Revernergpass \ — namely at a reduced price.

When can you buy the Nintendo Switch cheap at Aldi Süd?

As you can read both in the current prospectus and on the official website of Aldi Super, the offer for the Nintendo Switch will apply from November 11, 2021. There, the console in gray execution costs 289 euros and thus a little less than most other dealers. Incidentally, neither the switch lite is still the new OLED model.

It is currently unknown how many copies are sent to the individual branches. If you want to be successful, you should be able to stop in the morning hours in front of the door to take a Nintendo Switch (Buy €355.90). In the worst case, the branches receive very few specimens, which in turn should be sold out quickly.

Where still you get the Nintendo Switch buy cheap?

The online dealer Amazon had briefly responded to the price offensive of the discounter and lowered the selling price of the Nintendo Switch to 289 euros. Meanwhile, he stands again at 299 euros. In addition, the delivery time is indicated 12 days, which should not be for impatient nature. However, those who are empty at Aldi South could consider it as an alternative. This also applies to these dealers:

Nintendo Switch at Saturn.DE Nintendo Switch at mediamarkt.DE

Source: Aldi Süd

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