Final Fantasy 14: How Move the Dates around EndWalker

During its 67th live letters, producer and director Naomi Yeshiva announced the regrettable message that the fourth Final Fantasy 14 extension End Walker must be postponed for a few weeks. So she will be published on December 7th of 2021. Everything knowing about this you can read here on Square Enix. With this shift, some other dates will change, as Square Enix has now announced on the official site of Final Fantasy 14.

Adventure stories

The adventure stories are offered by 50 percent by November 19, i.e. the original head start date of End Walker. Nothing will change about that. So if you want to benefit from it, you should strike quickly. The adventure stories allow you to skip part of the main scenario or level progress and faster to follow your friends. You can learn more here.

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Mog Collection

FFXIV Endwalker | What Will You Do With Your Two Extra Weeks?

The current MOG collection will last until the official head start of End walker. This means that you now have time to collect the special allergic stones until 03. December and to intervene against rewards.

All Protection Saints

The Halloween Event All Protection Saints will appear at the end of January 2022. Due to the general delays, the developers were no longer possible to publish this as planned in October. The starlight festival and the sky turns will appear at the usual times.


If you have made your pre-order to another dealer as Square Enix, you have to contact the respective dealer for the details.

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