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Yesterday's Black Friday and the Cyber ​​Week approaching slowly to a close, but there are still at Amazon for two days discounted gaming monitors. With inter alia the well-rated Acer Predator XB253QGP is for budget-minded players.

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This offers the Acer Predator XB253QGP: A high-brightness IPS panel with full HD resolution to 24.5 inches (about 62 centimeters) screen size, and HDR support, and fleet 144 Hertz refresh rate at 2 milliseconds gray-to gray response time characterize the model.

There are also numerous connectivity options, extensive ergonomic adjustability and two built-in stereo speakers.

reviews, testing and saving

Good Reviews: Average 4.5 of 5 stars in over 1,100 reviews speak for the model.

Be commended especially performance, features and price-performance ratio. Dead pixels or backlight bleeding are few and far between complained.

In the test: The University website Prey.DE the model has consistently highly rated:

[...] The performance knows how to please themselves on older game consoles. On the computer, the subject still puts up a gear and knows how to impress even the most demanding gamer with fast response times and little motion blur in a short reaction time.

Overall, the Predator joins this test more than tidy in the successful gaming display series from Acer one. But even more, the Acer Predator XB253QGP has turned out to be the right trades and shows none of our test disciplines weaknesses. You get a great all-round device for a street price of around 260 euros. So Acer Predator XB253QGP receives an absolute buy recommendation.



Fast switching times Little motion blur

Top 5 Black Friday Gaming Monitor Deals Short reaction time Ergonomically good workmanship Colors well, even without calibration


Savings Amazon.DE currently has during start the monitor for 189 euros instead of 299 euros MSRP on offer, the offers according to price comparison with other dealers only from 211 euros.

The 189 euro are indeed around three euros from the historic Lowest Price (EUR 186.20) from June this year away, but still very favorable, as prices were off the far higher and higher.

As mentioned earlier, in addition, but also partly greatly reduced a few other gaming monitors.


Predator XB253QGP Gaming Monitor 24.5 inches (62 cm...


299.00 EUR 189.00 EUR

At Amazon Price incl. VAT., Excl.

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