Goldeneye 007 indexing in Germany canceled and publication on switch possible

On March 31, 1998, with Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 landed one of the best ego shooters to date on the list of indexed games - at least in Germany. Neither allowed the game advertised, nor sold. The latter, however, was generally difficult, as the game was never released in this country.

As the page announcements sections announced, the indexing has now been lifted after more than 23 years and there is reason to hope that we can play the classic soon on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Requests GoldenEye 007 Be Unbanned In Germany. Does this mean....N64 NSO?! Goldeneye 007 could soon land on the Nintendo Switch

Before we come to see why we could experience Goldeneye 007 soon on the switch, a little basic knowledge of indications in Germany: ends a game on the list of youth-hazardous media, this indexing is usually and if there is no request for listing from the right holder in advance was applied for 25 years valid. After the deadline, the medium is re-examined. If there is no prohibition reason, the game is deleted from the list.

In the case of GoldenEye 007 these 25 years since indexing have not yet passed. Means an application for premature list deletion has been made.

Goldeneye Remaster planned? Of course, such an application has led to the last end to lift the indexing, first nothing mean. But it can be quite that Nintendo has plans with Goldeneye 007. Probably the most obvious would be a supplement to the shooter in the lineup of the subscription Service Nintendo Switch online, where since October 26, N64 games are optionally offered.

But there is also the possibility that Nintendo wants to re-publish the game in the form of a Remaster. Of course, you should enjoy this info with caution, we are here in the field of speculation. But we are sure that many were very happy about a remaster of the legendary shooter (we included).

Goldeneye 007 as Far Cry 5-Mod

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For a little nostalgia, you can watch the Far Cry 5-Mod from the German Youtuber Krollywood, which completely rebuilt Goldeneye 007 in more than 1,400 hours via Leveleditor. Only the bonus stages are not included. (Via GamesRadar)

Would you look forward to a Remaster of Goldeneye 007?