Grandia HD Collection Review - Pure Jrpg Bliss Takeaway

For some time now, the Nintendo Switch has become my favorite machine every time I have to scrape this nostalgic itch. I m not only talking about classic nes games either, but it s wonderful to review the ports updated as Final Fantasy X / X-2, okami HD, and the two Collections mega man x legacy. And although all these games can be played on other platforms, the switch has the added benefit of being portable. And so, when I heard that Sega s classic JRPG franchise was receiving an HD collection just for Switch, I could not contain my enthusiasm. Not only are these two criminally underestimated RPG preserved wonderfully on the switch, but, more importantly, they seize very well in 2019.

Considering the original grandia I went out to Japan for the Sega Saturn in 1997 (it was then transferred to PlayStation in 1999 for the Western public with voices in English). I was surprised to see how fun it is to play. You play Justin, a young boy who does not want anything more in life than to go to adventure, just like his father. His dream is finally realized when he and his sparkling with Sue are found in the opportunity to discover the secrets of a long-standing lost civilization. The story is not one thing to tell, but it is treated with care and offers many moments of memorable battle. Of course, there is still a little difficulty in the game department - especially after playing more contemporary role plays - but overall, I would say that Grandia resists the test of time. The characters are charming like hell, music is contagious and, more preferably, the combat system kicks off.

His continuation is visually a different beast. While the first game uses 2D sprite work for its characters above 3D environments, grandia II offers both 3D models and environments with a more varied color palette. It was originally published on Dreamcast for updated graphics to be significantly easier for the eyes. If you have already played at the HD Anniversary Edition on PC, you should have a decent idea of ​​what you expect from the Switch version.

Even if the subject is debated, Grandia II virtually dominates his predecessor. Things warm up quickly and the first-game fighting system is largely settled, which provides a more refined and simpler experience with newcomers. You take control of Geohound Ryudo, a kind of mercenary mandated to accompany the singer Elena for a ceremony. Things are going to badly, which inevitably leads them to a trip to save the world. Once again, it s not the most original or exciting wire, but it works for the most part. Ryudo is the star here, a pompous and egotist protagonist who gradually changes music over the adventure. It is not a revolutionary story - it is not a situation of Walter White here - but it is refreshing to see an authentic development of the character in a genre that rarely leaves their protagonists get away from their moral pedestal.


Talk to almost everyone from Grandia Games and they will usually have praise for his combat system and that s largely why these games are also enjoyable so far. Win battles is to keep track of the IP gauge at the bottom of the screen, which displays a row of icons representing the members of your group and your enemies. When the icons move up the bar, you can introduce them as a critical or combined attack. What really moves is to cancel enemy attacks with a critical hit well executed. This will bring back the enemy s icon at first, which will give your team advantage. The execution of a cancellation at the right time is incredibly satisfactory and constitutes a key strategic element to face harder opponents.

The battle system of the two titles is similar, but Grandia II actually affines the formula. Party members can actually move on the battlefield with limited capacity, use special magic attacks and more. If you are a beginner in the franchise, start with the first game and then by the second (Duh!) In order to really appreciate some of the changes made by the developer Game Arts.

Having the two classic games on my switch is a dream come true, but the transition is not without defects. The fans community disagrees on the graphs updated in Grandia. The remill has opted for a softer appearance by adding a sprite filter to the game. The most hardcore purists seem to be in the arms, but if it s your first time you play in Grandia, or if you have Not picked up in the last 20 years since his release, you will probably not notice anything. I played most of the two games in portable mode, which, in my opinion, is the preferred path. The small screen hides some of the imperfections and the style of play is part of the ideology of the pick-up-and-play of the switch.

What bothered me, however, was a recurring problem in the first game where music sometimes passed into a loop after each battle sequence. The conversion of Grandia II is excellent for the most part. However, I met with performance problems when several enemies were on the screen and also another time when the music had been interrupted. Hope a fix or two can be deployed to solve these problems. Although they are trouble, I did not find that they did not want to enjoy two of the best JRPGs ever made.

For $ 40, Grandia HD Collection is a very good value for money. Both games are quite sturdy so players do not feel like breaking content. However, apart from the updated HD graphics, there is really nothing new here if you have already played both games to death. There is a new double audio option that allows you to exchange English voices with Japanese voices (what you should definitely do in the way, because the English voices are atrocious!), But other than that, it s always the same old Grandia Games with a beautiful layer of paint.

As a fan of Grandia, it was an absolute joy of replaying these classic games on Switch. Some parts begin to feel a little old-fashioned, but they are still very fun to play. Thanks to a wonderful distribution of characters, with superb sound bands and an addictive combat system, Grandia and Grandia II are surprisingly accessible, even 20 years later. If you want more classic JRPG with SWITCH, the Grandia HD collection fills this void. It s absolutely beautiful.