Gynoug: mutant shooter now available

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Gynoug - Console Announce Trailer

Indie-Publisher Balalaika Games announces that You was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch.

A planet was decimated by a virus, which has turned into a race of the most terrible creatures of all time! They are the mutants of ICTUS, led by the terrible destroyer.

Many have taken it in front of you with the mutants and many have failed. Now it s your turn. From the deepest caves of Ictus to the stomach of the beast itself, you have to fly and fight for the life of your planet. Destroy the destroyer, and Ictus is saved, and the sky will be free again.

Slips into the role of whom and puffs every grotesque enemy way that puts you in the way.

Buy You in the Xbox Store — ~~ 5,99 ~~ € — €4,79


Six levels of action on life and death Enemy bosses, minibuses, ghouls, strange and wonderful creatures Improved Modes with Features for Accessibility and Modern Control Magnificent and grotesque graphics and sound design Epic intermediate and end bosses Several power-ups that enhance your firepower A classic hit from the 1990s