Impact of Genshin: Fluorescent Mushroom Locations

With each new character that comes out, comes a completely new list of materials necessary for its ascension. Thoma is the last incorporation to the crop list and you will need a unique plant. Here is the locations of the fluorescent fungi in Genshin Impact.

Fluorescent fungal locations of impact genshin

This bright blue fungus is located on Tsurumi Island, which is the fastest island south of Inazuma. It was added in the recent 2.2 update and initially it is covered by a thick fog that makes it impossible to explore.

Before looking for fluorescent fungi, you must dissipate the fog on Tsurumi Island by completing the world mission Through the Mists. If you have not done it yet, you can follow our guide to do it.

Once this is done, go to these locations in the image below GenshinimpactMap to find the plant:

As you can see above, the island has many places to collect the fungus. Look for the southern end of Mount Kanna in the middle of the island, the Chirai Sanctuary to the Northeast and the Shiriko peak north to find the most fluorescent fungus.

Use a fluorescent fungus

Fluorescent Fungus Locations | Fast and Efficient | Ascension Materials |【Genshin Impact】

As mentioned above, the plant is used to mount the new Four Star Pyro Weapons, Thoma. It also needs red agate stones, treasurer badges and steaming pearls next to the fungus. It is currently available next to Hu Tao, Diona and Sayu in a new banner.

That s all you need to know All fluorescent fungal locations in Genshin Impact. Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful information about the game.

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