Kult shooter is finally no longer forbidden after 24 years in Germany

An absolute shooter classic was set to the index after the release in Germany and thus banished from the shops - 24 years later, the ban was finally lifted and fans can even make hopes for a re-release.

Goldeneye 007 is a classic from the N64 era that was groundbreaking for the entire shooter genre. In Germany, however, the James Bond game was never published, as it was then from the Federal Testing Office for Youth Hazard Scriptures (today the Federal Center for Children s and Youth Media Protection) no release received and mourned on the index. Now the ban was finally lifted 24 years after the release - and fans could play the game soon on the Nintendo Switch.

Goldeneye 007: Cult shooter finally flies from the index

Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed to See Goldeneye 007 was developed in 1997 by Rare and published for the N64, but German gamers went empty because of the indexing of the game. This could now change: On October 29, 2021 the bond shooter was officially painted by the list of indexed media - thus completely new possibilities for the recycling of the classic opens.

According to a statute of limitation, the list quenching was not automatically made for a statute of limitations, but requested by a rightholder. This suggests the guess that certain plans are available for the game. One possible and logical explanation would be, for example, that Nintendo wants to release the shooter in the context of the N64 expansion package for the Nintendo Switch. (Source: Cut Reports)

Nintendo Switch online soon with James Bond Shooter?

Especially the timing speaks for the Nintendo Switch Online Theory: The expansion package of the online service is only recently available with a small selection of N64 games for the Nintendo Switch. It would be unquestionably Goldeneye 007 in the selection of Nintendos retro classics insert.

The N64 extension package of Nintendo Switch Online currently requires a positive boost anyway: The trailer for the extension is now holding the record as a Nintendo video with the most dislikes on YouTube due to the high price.

In our picture gallery we show you 13 other games that were deleted from the index:

Goldeneye 007 was deleted from index in Germany after 24 years. Maybe the shooter classic could soon be included in the Nintendo Switch N64 collection online.