Netmarble, Google Play '2021 Awarded for three consecutive years in apps and games that shine this year

[Data provided: Net marble]

How to find your App History in the updated Google Playstore!, 'Competition Games' by the Year'

Over the past three consecutive years from year 2019

Multiple space districts are included in the convergence of convergence in one place

Net marble is selected as an excellent game in is selected as an excellent game in the 'Competition Games' in the' 2021 app ∙ '' 2021 this year '' '2021'.

Google Play '2021 Apps, and Games', which shine this year,' every year, Google is an event that selects a lot of love to the user for each of the Android Platform-based apps and the game, We are announcing the winning in the field.

Net marble is an excellent game of last year, including the award of MALE EVOLUTION>, as an excellent game of the 'Competition Game' in the Year ', Blade & Soul Revolution> Best Games' has proved global competitiveness, respectively.

This year's Winner is the second collaboration title of Net marble and Marvel. This game is based on the Convergence phenomenon that the districts of multiple universe are based on the 'Convergence' phenomenon, New Stark City, New Stark City, 'HAI The Empire', 'Sahara', On August 25th, it has been formally released in more than 240 global globes.

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