Newly-acquired PlayStation studio Firesprite hiring for game with AAA ambitions

PlayStation workshop Firesprite is developing a brand-new video game with AAA ambitions.

Earlier today on November 1, Firesprite senior narrative designer Danny Wadeson posted the tweet just below, proclaiming that the U.K.-based programmer got on the search for a new senior writer. Heading over to the web page Wadeson links to, Firesprite s brand-new video game is referred to as having AAA ambitions with a heavy concentrate on art, animation, and also delivering unique personality efficiencies.

SENIOR WRITER required! Come and inform genre-blending, ground-breaking interactive tales with us at @FirespriteGames - we re seeking a senior writer on an unannounced and widely amazing project. Plz RT narrative folks:) November 1, 2021

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This certain seem like Firesprite is working with a various calibre of video game than it has done previously. If you re not familiar with the background of the studio in Liverpool, they previously co-created The Game room VR for PSVR, as well as partnering with Roberts Room Industries on the advancement of Star Person. Most lately, Firesprite launched sci-fi horror game The Persistence, which was originally released for PS VR in 2018.

Sony Buys One Studio Gets Two/Firesprite Aquires Fabrik Games #ps5 #playstation

Since after that though, the designer has actually been obtained by Sony, to include in its evolving PlayStation Worldwide Studios umbrella. Firesprite was bought by PlayStation back in September 2021, and quickly after that, it was disclosed by the growth studio that they were busy dealing with 3 jobs for new-gen gaming consoles. Since the programmer has been acquired by Sony, it s simple to see why their new game has AAA ambitions.

No matter what Firesprite is working on, it seems like it s going to be a narrative-heavy game, with a distinctive art style, if all mosts likely to prepare throughout growth. For extra on Firesprite s advancement approach, as well as why they were so open to being obtained by Sony, you can check out our complete Firesprite interview with the designers themselves for even more.