NHL 22 Tips - best synergies and how to change synergies

NHL 22 brings back synergies that are essentially special skills for players who need to be activated in games. This time synergies apply only to the player who activates them, but they are still extremely strong if they try to turn the leaf. It also does not hurt that players missing in key areas were assigned certain synergies to balance their weaknesses.

Let's take a look at some of the better synergies that you should get into your hands. Keep the position of the player in the back of the player in the search for specific cards. Depending on the synergy in question, you want something that benefits the position you play. For example, you do not want to pick up any synergy-oriented synergy with someone who reproduces.


Distributor — offers +2 speed, +3 passports and puck control and +3 durability. Recommended for frontliner and defender alike. Wingman — offers +4 defensive awareness, +4 discipline, +2 acceleration and +4 passports, which is particularly useful when you claim the puck control. Boo mender shot — offers +3 for mobility, starch and body control as well as +2 smash power. Whether it's a frontline that can achieve great shots, or a strong defender, this synergy is highly recommended.

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Thief — offers +5 on defensive awareness, face offs and stick checking and +1 slap shot power. Very good for defenders and players who focus on sticking checking.

Apple Pension — offers +2 accuracy in hand-eye and wrist shot and +4 at stick control and passing. A great all-rounder, who works very well with other synergies. Workhouse — offers +2 acceleration, +5 starch, +2 puck control and +3 stamina. Good for players with focus on weight. Sparks — adds +2 to acceleration and adding together with +4 to body checking and strength. Another good all-rounder synergy, which is perfect for protecting. Bombarded — adds +2 to tassel shot precision and tassel shot power and +4 to aggression and discipline. Recommended for defenders, although it is not the first choice.

Change hat synergies

If you are not a fan of some synergies or search for specific, you can change the synergy of a card. However, this is only possible on X-Factor, Power-up symbol and master set player cards (also on certain levels). Most cards have solid synergies that can not be changed.

First select the card in question and press R3 / right stick. Next, scroll to the relevant synergy and press Square or X. This will display some options for selection. Further information on hat synergies, the best to choose from, etc. can be found in the video below Sleeveless Gaming.

NHL 22 appears for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and PS5. Further information can be found here in our review.