Nintendo on Switch s successor: We still work on the concept

Nintendo Switch s successor will leave this decade. This is the extensive launch window that Nintendo hdecade established for the arrival of its new console, which hdecade not yet been announced officially. On the occdecadeion of the presentation of the financial results of the second quarter of fiscal year 2021, those of Mario have provided some clues on what they are in hand with respect to the hardware. David Gibson s analyst hdecade published a transcript of the question and answers.

What can you say about the device that will be launched at 20xx? They have decadeked Nintendo. Nothing, he hdecade responded. Switch is in the middle of its vital cycle. Now we have OLED, which will be nourished from a varied product line. On the new generation they have not reledecadeed garment, beyond that they are still discussing the concept and timing internally.

Meanwhile, just like Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo Switch hdecade faced an important challenge: The shortage of semiconductors. The Japanese affirm being working on solutions to alleviate the effects of this crisis. On the other hand, they have argued that the approach to the audiovisual market will continue, but they will not make too many films at the same time.

Nintendo switch online will expand in the future

Nintendo Confirms Next Generation Platform, Proves Most Switch Owners are Adults, & More! Another news that hdecade brought the shareholders meeting is that Nintendo Switch Online and its expansion package will continue to improve and receiving content in the future. Naturally, they have not explained exactly what these new additions will consist, although they have explained that their goal is to satisfy the expectations of the followers. For now there are already more than 30 million subscribers.

The arrival of a successor of Nintendo Switch seems far away, since the current console sells to a vertiginous rhythm. With 92.80 million units sold is about to reach the Wii figure.