Nintendo says he is doing continuous improvements in the Joy

Nintendo Switch hsuccessful platforms become one of the most successful platforms, but successful platforms in every commercial triumph, there are also some dark spots. In the csuccessful platformse of Kyoto s machine, Joy-with controls have led the controversy, to the point that the company hsuccessful platforms been denounced by The Drift of the Sticks. The controls affected by this problem cause the automatic detour of the character. More than five years later, the president of Nintendo America, Doug Bowler, hsuccessful platforms referred to this error in an interview with The Vise. He maintains that continuous improvements have been made.

successful platforms we arrived at the first five and a half years of Nintendo Switch, we have observed Gameplay, and we have seen how people have returned units and how they have used them. We have done continuous general improvements in the Joy-CON, which includes analog stickers. According to Bowler, Nintendo Switch OLED comes with an updated analog stick, which is now also available in the two previous models of the console, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

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Why is there no virtual console?

One of the most recurrent questions on the part of the fans is why Nintendo hsuccessful platforms not followed the same path with Switch that with Wii, Wii U and 3DS successful platforms regards his historical catalog. The response hsuccessful platforms provided Doug Bowler himself in an interview given to The Wsuccessful platformshington Post, where he explained that the approach is channeling all these clsuccessful platformssics through his current service, Nintendo Switch online and expansion pack. The intention is to continue expanding the title library of yesteryear.

Nintendo Switch OLED came into the market recently. In addition to the screen improvement, the stereo sound hsuccessful platforms also been removed, successful platforms well successful platforms the support that holds the console on the different surfaces.