Nintendo sued Switch

When it comes to hackers and modder, the video game giant Nintendo shows his hard side. Even a namesake of Marios Erzfeinde Bowser now remains no other other than to confess to court.

Bowser chops the Nintendo Switch and is sued

It is somehow suitable for one of the biggest hacker groups to be listed around the Nintendo Switch by a man named Gary Bowser. The team XECUTE sold both hardware and software, which can be played, among other things, pirated copies on the switch.

Nintendo understandably does not agree. The video game giant allied with the US government and moved to Bowser and his hacker group in court. Already at the end of 2020, Gary Bowser was arrested in the Dominican Republic and transferred to the USA. While Team Xecuter defends itself, only for the programs of Hobby developers and for the right to repair, the US Department of Justice sees the difference. Thus, the primary benefits for the group products existed to play pirated copies. (Source: US Department of Justice)

How A Child Sued Nintendo

Nintendo defeats Hacker Bowser

Bowser is now accused to have advertised and distributed the aids while at the same time had contact with dealers around the world. Meanwhile, the hacker has been guilty. The circumvention of technical measures and the dissemination of corresponding hardware is a punishment of up to five years in prison. How long he really has to be behind grid, but will still be clarified in court. (Source: Kotaku)

If you want to create hacker-Bowser with cat s Bowser, we can recommend you Super Mario 3D World together with Bowser s Fury for the Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo moves to court against Gary Bowser. Not only the hacker shares his name with the evil king of Koopa. The President of Nintendo of America is no one less than Doug Bowser.