Nintendo Switch: The Deal Highlights in the current eShop Sale in KW46

In the current calendar week 46, a lot of great titles for the Nintendo Switch are reduced, which you can digitally buy it in the shop the console. Underneath developers, indies studios and publishers from all over the world, various remakes, Remasters, AAA titles, exclusive, ports, indies and much more.

All bargains can be dusted directly in the shop the switch. Only the fewest new games for Nintendo s hybrid console appear on the classic physical cartridge. From the Japanese company itself, most recently came to the market at the end of October Mario Party Superstars — our big test (with video-review) read (or looks) you here!

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Hundreds of reduced switch games in the SALE!

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In order to keep the overview of the countless discounted switch games in the huge confusion of the countless discounted switch games, here again — just like every Thursday — the new and updated listing of the currently newest, best, most promising and exciting deals and bargains in the current Sale in the shop of the Nintendo Switch (Buy now €355.90).

So you can make an even better picture of the discounted games, you will find previews, reviews and other useful items with many games. So you can make a better picture of the reduced titles before accepting any purchase. Because, if thanks to SALE for less money, or not: Throw senselessly from the window you do not want your money — or?

The most exciting switch deals

With all the games listed here are always the normal and sale price in the brackets behind it. A supplementary note: The games are also reduced in the price when this article appears. A few days later, that can be other games again.

GREAT Nintendo SWITCH ESHOP SALE UNDER $5 ON NOW, MUST SEE HOLIDAY ESHOP DEALS + Creator Spotlight! A new and always updated list with the most exciting and best deals and bargains from the shop Sale of the Switch we therefore publish every Thursday!

Crisis Remastered (€14,99 instead of €29,99) Crisis 2 Remastered (€22,49 instead of €29,99) Crisis 3 Remastered (€22,49 instead of €29.99) Earth lock (€4,74 instead of €24,99) Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection (€20,09 instead of €29.99) Giant Sisters: Twisted Dreams — Ultimate Edition (€5.99 instead of €29.99) Monster Boy and the cursed kingdom (€9,99 instead of €39.99) MotoGP 19 (€5,99 instead of €29.99) Moving out (€8,49 instead of €24,99) Northward (€13,99 instead of €34,99) Ocean horn — Monster of Uncharted Seas (€5,24 instead of €14,99) Ocean horn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm (€22,49 instead of €29.99) Old Man s Journey (€6,69 instead of €9,99)

One Piece: Unlimited World Red — DE (€9,59 instead of €59.99) Overcooked: Special Edition (€4,99 instead of €19.99) Railway Empire — Nintendo Switch Edition (€21,99 instead of €39,99) Sea of ​​Solitude: The Director s Cut (€9,99 instead of €19.99) Summer in Mara (€9,89 instead of €21,99) The Escapists: Complete Edition (€3,74 instead of €14,99) The Escapists 2 (€4,99 instead of €19.99) The Survivalists (€8,49 instead of €24,99) TRIBE: Enchanted Edition (€3,74 instead of €14,99) TRIBE 2: Complete Story (€4,24 instead of €16,99) TRIBE 3: The Artifacts of Power (€4,99 instead of €19.99) Tropics 6 (€27,49 instead of €49,99) V-Rally 4 (€14,99 instead of €49,99) You s Island Express (€4,99 instead of €19.99) Yooka-Laylee (€9,99 instead of €39.99)

In our technical guide can also be found at our Nintendo Switch Test with much information about the console, the best games and price comparison tables.

From Johannes Gearing editor 18.11.2021 at 11:20