Nintendo Switch: Konsolen

The persistent chip scarcity, or component scarcity, still holds the gaming world in her catches. For example, if you wanted to get a PlayStation 5 to release the console, you usually had bad luck. Also over a year later, fans can not just walk into a shop and buy the Sony console.

The same fate is now also Nintendo before. Nintendo is now affected in its production from the component scarcity. Whether a console scarcity as in the PS5 is associated with, is not yet clear. Who has planned a new switch for Christmas purchasing, but should involve it in the planning. Accordingly, the recently published Nintendo Switch (now € 355.90) ​​is also affected OLED.

Nintendo to make 20% fewer Switch consoles amidst chip shortage

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Nintendo Shares Production Plan

According to a report of the Asian economic magazine Nikkei Asia, Nintendo was forced to shorten its production plan for the switch by 20 percent. The reason for this are persistent semiconductor shortages. Nintendo had planned for this financial year to deliver 30 million switches, but then reduced this number to about 26 million.

According to the report, Nintendo has now further reduced his plans to only 24 million units. In comparison, Nintendo has sold almost 29 million switches in the last financial year, so the sales figures have been declining one after the other for several months. Nintendo confirmed that it comes to bottlenecks in the components, but only said that the impact on our production is checking.

We continue to keep you up to date on the latest developments on the console market. Whether a purchase of the new Switch OLED is worth it at all, you can read in our big test. We have tested the new Nintendo console on heart and kidneys for you.

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From Dina Manevich Author 03.11.2021 at 13:58