Nintendo Switch updates its sales: almost 100 million consoles sold and Christmas ahead

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At the gates of the Christmas campaign and thanksgiving by means of through the US market, Nintendo has released the sales data of Nintendo Switch during the quarter ending September 30, finding that the console Hybrid is very close to overcoming and the barrier of the 100 million consoles sold around the world.

These figures do not include the sales of Nintendo Switch OLED During the last quarter, 3.83 million Nintendo Switch has been sold, which leaves us with a total of 92.87 million distributed by households of all the world. Figure that has reached in four and a half years of life, surpassing in sales to other great consoles of the Japanese firm such as Nintendo DS or the Level NES.

In the last six months Nintendo has registered sales worth 6,730 million dollars, compared to 5,460 million generated in the same period of the previous year. Its total benefit has been 1,860 million dollars, surpassing the record of the 1,500 million registered in the previous course. Despite these good data, the Japanese firm has trimmed the forecasts of Sale of Nintendo Switch for this fiscal year (which ends on March 31, 2022), passing from the 25.5 million provided for 24 million due to 24 million At the scarcity of components in the world market, which is slowing down the production of consoles.

According to the data of the Nintendo itself, so it would be the best-selling console ranking of the GREAT N, updated as of September 30, 2021:

Nintendo Switch HITS 93 MILLION Units Sold Proving EXACTLY What I've Been Saying...

Kyoto also have reasons to be happy with the sale of videogames in Nintendo Switch, since to date, more than 681 million games have been sold, which would leave us with a high ratio of 7.3 games For each Nintendo Switch user. If these figures are compared with those of other large N machines, the data is more spectacular, since only Wii and Nintendo DS exceed this figure with 921 million and 948 million respectively.

It is important to also emphasize that in these sales data Nintendo Switch OLED is not included, which was put on sale at the beginning of October. Considering data from Spain, in recent days it was confirmed that there are more than 2 million Nintendo Switch in Spain.