Özil introduces the turning: Fener decides Derby in the detention time

Most must finally focus on his work, Registered Ali IOC had challenged the clubs own TV channel for one and a half weeks from the former German international.

Before the Istanbul derby, which is also referred to as an intercontinental derby, since Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe had been established on different sides of the Bosporus, Oils club was in the league in a descent. Only one counter had brought the proteins from coach Victor Pereira from four games.

Also, Galatasaray had played behind the expectations this season, so it was already proper pressure on the boiler in the well-attended New Stadium, in which both Oil and U-21 international Merged Bertha began for the guests.

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In the usual hectic Derby there were opportunities on both sides, Galatasaray used one of them, Aktürkoglu with a central position on the lead (16th).

Fenerbahçe had not even been able to win, but the guests fought back in the second round: just Oil, who had already met in the last game against Kayserispor in the detention time and fewer had secured such a counter, was suddenly freely carried through and met With the right under the lath for compensation (31.).

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Also, the second passage offered a lot of entertainment, Fewer had to save on the line twice and was lucky, as a diaries head ball goal was abnormal because of a previous foul.

At the latest as the former Wolfsburg Timberland with the traffic light card in the final phase was sent from the square (82nd), Fewer would have been satisfied with the point — but in the detention time, however, still had one in the quiver: the substitute Miguel Crest moved from the right penalty border Flat, the now 35-year-old Uruguay keeper Muster was still there, the ball could only steer at the inner post and the gate (90. + 4).

Thus, Fenerbahçe secured himself in such important presided after over four years again a victory, allowing for the person Oil probably to come to rest again.