Roblox Nikeland: How to get free avatar

ROBLOX players will be enthusiastic to learn that they can get new adaptation items for free. The latest experiences of external sources, which are intended to flow into the game, come from no lesser than Nike, who has published an official ROBLOX world to enjoy and discover. There are a variety of activities that you can participate in the game, and of course, a big focus is on the virtual movement that's fun. Players who want to equip themselves with Nike equipment can get free avatar items, especially a cap and a backpack, free of charge. This guide explains how to get the free articles.

So you get the Roblox Nike land Cap and the backpack

First, ROBLOX Nike land boot over this link or with its usual other methods and dare through the world, along the racetrack and the main building. If you have reached the main building, turn right and go to the top platform of the descending stairs. In the background you can see a showroom as shown below.

Now that you can see the showroom, go over and at the entrance will be a bus. Talk to the trainer by holding down e. As soon as you talked to him, you will receive the Nike land cap and the backpack for free. While you are in the world, take part in the activation of sports super forces and you can even use super skills such as wide jumps and speed runs in the game world.

In addition, the free rewards not only listen to the backpack and the cap, there are also two codes that you can enter to get rewards. This complements the numerous other games that contain codes Roblox.

What the Nike land codes are and how to enter them

The Nike land codes you can use are as follows:

first round Smile

FREE ACCESSORIES! HOW TO GET Nike Pro Cap & Nike Elemental Backpack! (NIKELAND EVENT)

These are the codes available at the time of writing, whereby another is added when the world reaches 20,000 likes. To get the rewards, simply press the Promo button on the left side of the screen and enter the codes exactly as they appear in this article. The Code 'Firstly' gives you a running track and the 'Smile' code give you options for avatar customization, including the 'sweet smiley' and 'winking smiley'.

Nike land is another example of external brands and industries who want to arouse interest in their products or experiences by using the platform as a way that can be considered entertaining marketing. Twenty One Pilots recently organized a concert in ROBLOX with great success and players flocked to participate in the celebrations. It really shows that the community is always excited and open to get new experiences through external sources.

Will you use these promo codes this month and receive the free rewards in Nike land?

ROBLOX is now available to play on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, iOS and Android.