Soon fewer switch consoles available: chip

Since the beginning of the corona crisis, the word scarcity is attracted by all areas of life. Fortunately, we have no longer struggling with a lack of toilet paper, so there are still bottlenecks in the console components - and that will also feel that Nintendo-Kundstörn. The hardware manufacturer must significantly down the planned production figures for this financial year. We ll tell you more about it.

Sales goals are corrected down

It s about it: Nintendo can not produce as many switch consoles in this financial year as well as planned. The reason for this is the chip scarcity, or the general scarcity of components., the portal for Asian economic news reports that Nintendo had to correct the production targets 20 percent downwards.

According to Nikkeia, 30 million consoles should be produced until next March - a record number, due to the high demand. These come on the one hand through the corona crisis, on the other hand, by the new OLED model. Now the company will only come to 24 million units. The company shared as Nikkei reports to evaluate the impact of bottlenecks on production.

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Nevertheless, the switch sales will ultimately exceed the Wii. For comparison, from Wii, 102 million copies have been sold since your market debut in 2006. The switch must be available since 2017 and there were 89 million units through the bar counter.

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