Super Nintendo World closes temporarily after Yoshi's Adventure Fire

Super Nintendo World Fire Temporarily Closes Park + Sonic Virtual Concert w/ Steve Aoki Announced Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan was forced to close after the attraction of Joshi's Adventure getting caught. The incident was reported for the first time by FAN (and shared by Nintendo Life), and no one was injured. The official Twitter account of Universal Studios Japan did not directly address the incident, but it does say that Super Nintendo World is expected to open again on November 25, while Joshi's Adventure will remain closed. Hopefully, operators can discern exactly what went wrong and the trip can resume functions in the near future! For now, visitors will only have to enjoy the rest of attractions currently available.

Faithful to his name, Joshi's Adventure has passengers who explore Super Nintendo World in a vehicle with the shape of the multicolored inhabitants of Dinosaur Land. The trip (usually) is meant to be a more relaxing experience for families, while looking for the disappeared captain toad. The trip is inspired pretty much in games like Super Mario World 2: the island of Joshi, and The history of Joshi.

Super Nintendo World opened for the first time in Universal Studios Japan earlier this year, with Joshi's Adventure as one of his debut games. Despite the name of Super Nintendo World, the general attraction focuses mainly on the family of Mario's characters, and not in the rest of the icons of Nintendo. Pinyin makes a couple of interesting Cameos at all times, but franchise characters such as Platoon, Animal Crossing and Star Fox are remarkably absent.

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It may happen some time before any of those franchises is represented in Super Nintendo World, but an expansion for the near future is planned. Universal Studios has already begun to work in a section of the park dedicated to Donkey Kong. The character has always been connected to the Mario family (both debuted in the same arcade game), but the expansion of the park seems to be based on the Games of Donkey Kong Country. Given the popularity of the series, that makes a lot of sense, and it could even relate to the Future Plans of Universal for a Donkey Kong movie!

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