Tencent follows shopping and takes control of the creators of Ninjala for Nintendo Switch

Tencent Keep looking for new companies to buy. In this sense today we have known that the Asian giant has taken control of 90% of the capital of Wake Up Interactive Ltd., a Japanese entertainment company that does not tell you a lot with its official name, but that they are owners of Solar Ltd., a development team with credits in various video games, including Ninja la for Nintendo Switch.

According to the Bloomberg Economic Magazine, the operation has been closed by more than 5,000 million yen -38.28 million euros to the current change-., And although it is not yet public, it is the first complete acquisition of Tencent in Japan, which until now had made purchases of minority interests.

Tencent, fromSoftware and Platinum

The most sonata arrived a few days ago, when it was known that they had invested more than 30,000 million yen -230 million euros- in Katakana, owner in part in turn from fromSoftware (Dark Souls, Blood borne, Elder Ring, etc.). Time ago, the purchase of a part of Platinum Games (Bayonet ta 3) was also reported, among other shares of less or greater importance as Marvelous Inc.

Outside of Japan, a few months ago the entry into the capital of Blooper Team was also reported by Tencent for citing only one of its latest operations.

Ninjala Developer Diary #19 Recap of Ninjala Season 8

Returning to Solar Ltd., in addition to its exclusive participation of Nintendo Switch, they have also collaborated on products such as Travis Strikes Again: No more Heroes or Naruto to Boru to: Shinobi Striker. If you want to know more about the study of the study, you can check the analysis of Ninja la and discover what the companion Sergio Martín about the dynamic, colorful and climbing confront ants of the Free-to-Play.