The attraction of Yoshi in Super Nintendo World is burned and will remain closed until further notice

After a series of delays due to the pandemic, the amusement park Super Nintendo World finally opened its doors, and welcomed millions of fans of Mario and company around the world. However, the problems do not cease after its opening, since on November 23, the attraction Joshi's Adventure hit, and the park closed immediately after this accident.

スーパーニンテンドーワールドとヨッシーアドベンチャー ライド ノーカット USJ

Now injured were reported after the accident According to the FAN report, the fire did not cause injuries, but the reason why this happened remains a mystery until now. The park closed its doors the next day but, at the time of this wording, it is already operating again.

This specific attraction, however, will remain out of service until the cause of the fire is discovered. This is not the first problem that Joshi's Adventure causes the staff of the park and its visitors, because in the month of August, a ROOMBA tower collapsed in this attraction, although on that occasion fortunately there was no injury.

Excluding these accidents, Super Nintendo World goes on the right track. In 2024, it is planned to open an expansion with an area dedicated to Donkey Kong, and a year later it is expected that this amusement park has its inauguration in Orlando, Florida.