To combine between us accounts on PC, mobile phone and switch Gordon Bicker

Among us has existed for over three years since its publication. This modest game took its place on numerous platforms, from Twitch to YouTube, and there is no platform that was not sabotaged. The pleasures of Under us is that playing with a group of friends is unprecedented by similar experiences in the market. A new update allows players now to link their accounts in experience. In this guide you will learn how to connect the shortcut Under us accounts to PC, mobile phone and if possible also on Nintendo Switch.

To link between us accounts on PC and mobile phone

To link accounts, first open the game on one of the listed devices. In the upper left corner there is a button with a crew member and the word account on the button. Press the crew member and an account window will open when it appears, there is a button with the inscription Link account, press or click on it.

From this point in time, some terms are displayed on the screen, and you should read from you and then press Reset by pressing account if you still want to continue the operation. Now another window appears, and the field contains both a unique code and a URL specific to your account. Enter the URL in a web browser, and you will be forwarded to the official website to link your account.

After visiting the website, follow the true options and use the unique code to the Nun us account link process.

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Can I link my Nintendo Switch account among us?

Unfortunately, there is no way for Nintendo Switch players to link your account across platform. However, this can be added by the developers in the future if they enable this to players.

Will you be yours? To link? New us account this month?

Under us is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. The game will also be published on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on December 14th.