World of Warcraft: Calculation shows massive player

This post notes one of the most sold video games all the systems, as well as games marketed greater than a million duplicates on the various existing systems.

It has been known for a long time that World of Warcraft has exceeded its climax — at least in terms of subscriber number. This play of play also stops in the recent past, as a current video of the well-known WOW-Youtubers Cellular quite clearly shows.

Wow loses massive players

Although the YouTuber has no concrete number of players at hand, as Blizzard Entertainment has not released them for many years. However, he takes some publicly accessible statistics at hand to carry out meaningful principal calculations on their basis.

Accordingly, World of Warcraft (Buy Now €14.99) has lost numerous players since the launch of the Add-ons Shadow lands. Had the first boss in the Raid Schloss Natalia still defeated a little more than 44,000 guilds worldwide on the normal degree of difficulty, it was only just under 20,000 at a few months later published RAID Sanctum of Rule. That means a decline of 55 percent.

Method Black vs The Gosu Crew | Arena World Championship | Lower Finals With the mythic + -demons it becomes even clearer: in the first season of Shadow lands there was more than 750,000 dungeon runs a week. In Season 2, this number had dropped to just over 250,000. This is just one third of the starting value.

What meaning do these numbers have?

Cellular explains in the video that the principal calculations can not display the current situation 100 percent. There is many players from World of Warcraft, which are hardly or not interested in RAIDS or Mythic +. Nevertheless, at least the general trend is clearly recognizable.

Maybe Blizzard Entertainment can rip the rudder with the release of the extensive update 9.2 again. However, it can be seen until next year.

Source: Cellular on YouTube

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