World of Warcraft: Player breaks crazy record 17 years after the launch

Although the online role play World of Warcraft already has 17 years on the hump, there are still some things that are likely to be amazed. This includes, for example, a crazy record recently established the Reddit user SingactDirect in the MMO.

What happened?

With her night elf character named Kittypurrry she recently succeeded in any other player in the 17 years since the Launch of World of Warcraft. She performed a Salto 17 times in succession, without any interruption. The record in this curry category was previously 16 Salt behind each other.

What makes this action so special?

In the night elves characters in World of Warcraft (Buy Now €14.99), there is a small special feature compared to the other peoples. They have — no matter if it is a male or female character — over two different jump animation. With one of them, the figure just jumps up, in the alternative variant, she performs a perfect SALTO. The coincidence determines which animation takes place.

At each jump, the probability is therefore 50 percent to run a SALTO. To create several Salt one behind the other without the alternative jump animation in between, is correspondingly rare. In a sequence of 17 consecutive Salt, the probability lies with negligible 0.0007 percent.

Fortunately, the player held the action in a video to prove this bizarre record.

Source: Twitch

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