5: 2 After 0: 2: Eintracht Frankfurt plays against Leverkusen in a noise

Eintracht Frankfurt - Bayer 04 Leverkusen 5-2 | Highlights | Matchday 15 – Bundesliga 2021/22 Frankfurt's coach Oliver Glaser relies on three fresh forces after 1: 1 at Fenerbahçe in the Europa League. Interledger moved to Haste in the Defense Center, since Costa took over the right-wing far out bar and the offensive began Windstorm for Have.

Bayer-Coach Gerardo Sloane had greatly rotated at the 0: 1-Europa League defeat at Ferencvaros Budapest during the week — nine players were fresh to the team today. With a view of the last Bundesliga playing day at the 7: 1 About Fürth, it was only a change: Tranquil started for Palacios.

5000 . Penalty — 1000. Sagittarius

Time to breathe breath almost not in the first 45 minutes. The perfect start caught Leverkusen — Bayer once again played his counterpower, the Frankfurter surpassed and successfully completed a nice turn moving to the lead in the 5th minute. The Contract was not so right in the game, the Herself solved a lot of playfully and continued pressure. The big way to 2: 0 then came via video referee.

Sow the ball played in the penalty area with the hand and referee Fritz decided after considering the pictures on penalty — the total of 5000th penalty in the Bundesliga. However, a jubilee was not enough in this case, because Schick started from the point for the first time and was the 1000th Sagittarius of the League History. He then has transformed — 2: 0 so after 22 minutes.

The 2: 2 — as out of the textbook

For a long time, the joy did not last, even in direct return, Tuna achieved the connection (23rd) after a Trembley in the penalty area. He brought the Contract back into the game, the eagle carriers were in the episode of Gallagher, cracking the game fighting, but knew how to convince playfully on the decisive moment. As out of the textbook, the compensation fell — with only four contacts, the householders bridged the entire field. Interledger played on Bore, who could bounce and as if played at the centerline the perfectly quilted dream pass in the run of Windstorm, the castle of ice-cold to the 2: 2 (29.), with which it went into the pause.

Leverkusen falls into itself

The 15-minute interruption took the hosts but nothing of their momentum. On the contrary, no five minutes were played in the second round, the game was already shot. After a corner of Poetic, Nick achieved 3: 2 (50th). With that not enough, the guests found in the offensive almost not held, the Frankfurter first left two promising attacks, before Basic increased to Beautiful crossing of Poetic to 4: 2 (66th). At the latest now the Leverkusen behind team fell into their items together and Frankfurt played in a noise. Sow put his dream template for the meantime 2: 2 now the appropriately beautiful hits: From the penalty area, the Swiss swept the ball to the 5: 2 in the right upper angle (76.) — at the same time the final point. In the last few minutes, the Herself only went to damage limitation against further relentless Frankfurter.

On Wednesday, the Bundesliga for both teams continues: Frankfurt equips Playback a visit (18 clock), Bayer receives the TSG Cofferdam.