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The background of Fred Harvey Company starts in 1875 when two restaurants were opened up near railroad terminals (Railway Consuming Houses) situated in Wallace (Kansas) as well as Hugo (Colorado) run by Kansas Pacific Train. These coffees were inaugurated by Fred Harvey, when he ran in La Chicago, Burlington and also Quincy Railway. The operations of the initial café finished over the program of a year, yet Fred Harvey was convinced that business had potential, if the travelers of trains were offered a good solution to the clients and also excellent quality food. Your client for even more antiquity The Burlington Railroad, decreased its first offer to develop a system of dish homes at trains stops, but the Ferrari Atchison company, Topeka and also Santa Fe made a contract with Harvey for collaboration in different house Kind of experiment or pilot examination. This examination was a success and also generated a thriving company for years, triggered the Fred Harvey Firm chain.

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Monetary Electric Railway-Showa Heisei Showa is also standard for Memo Kurt, such as Memo Kurt collaboration with the update in December. ~ A great popular game Monetary Electric Railway-Showa Heisei Showa Heisei Showa Heisei Showa Heisei also set up is also a standard!.... This work is a series of new stations such as the series history and Tarawa Gateway Station, such as the Hiya Gateway Station, etc. Added elements and appeared by volume up.

Also, in the Very 1.4.0 update held on December 2nd 202, the special rule Kink King! Is added, or four people in the collaboration with Memoir Clover Z board We show more exciting, such as the emergence of the train.

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