Back on the ball: Bochum number one Riemann before returning

Relaxed launched Thomas Was in the training week, although on Saturday one of the bigger games pending the recent club history. For the first time since 2010, there is again a derby at the Cast roper road.

Many staffing concerns have been solved by now, and it looks very much as could put rice against BVB back to its 1. With him, the trainer Manuel Riemann, it looks good, according to plan, he should at the latest on Thursday aboard the Team training again. He can play on Saturday.

We have worked hard to ensure that we can measure ourselves again with the best German teams.

Thomas Was

In Augsburg Michael Lesser had represented the main goalkeeper, who had to pass due to thigh problems. Now Riemann therefore can look forward to another highlight of his first Bundesliga year.

Otherwise, coach has rice little reason to change his last so successful team. After five wins in the recent seven Bundesliga matches of the climber with 19 points on table in tenth place is shiny as before an English weekly closes the first round of the Bundesliga.

Who has it, however, in itself: After the derby against Dortmund, VFL travel to the controversial game to Bielefeld, at 17? Round comes to Union Berlin Cast roper road.

Too far forward Rice wants the look but not direct, but deals with the clash with Dortmund. Because, says Rice, is again a completely different quality to us. But, quite clearly: We have worked hard to ensure that we can compete with the best German teams meet again. Accordingly, we will approach the game.

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