Cheap mobile phone contract with 6 GB data volume in the top

If you are looking for a cheap mobile phone contract, you should not miss the offers from sim.DE. Here you get 6 GB data volume including All net Flat for only 6.66 euros per month. 11 GB Data volume is even available for only 11.11 euros per month.

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6 GB Data volume for 6.66 euros: So good is the deal

The tariff of SIM.DE is the current Best Price for the offered package. 6 GB Data Volume Plus All net Flat is currently receiving it from 8.99 Euro per month. But then the internet speed is a bit slower. This is at maximal 50 Mbps.

If you want to save more, you should decide for a minimum contract period from 24 months. It eliminates the connection price in the amount of 19.99 euros. Do you pay the contract, you can terminate the contract monthly ? So you have the choice between the more flexible and the slightly cheaper tariff.

Your current phone number If necessary, you can of course very simple and also free to sim.DE take. For this you have to specify the number only in the order process, the provider then takes care of everything else.

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about sim.DE

At SIM.DE you do not have to be afraid of hidden costs or similar problems. The provider is part of the reputable Drillisch Online Group. At SIM.DE you find particularly favorable tariffs in fast and stable network from Telefonica.

Now 6 GB data volume for only 6.66 euros MTL. Reserve

11 GB Data volume for only 11.11 euros

At SIM.DE there are further attractive offers. If you do not sufficient 6 GB of data volumes, the following tariff could be something for you: You get 11 GB data volume including All net Flat for cheap 11.11 euros. Also, this price is currently under built in the price comparison of no other provider.

Again, you have the choice between a more flexible and a cheaper option. The terminal price of 19.99 euros will save you if you decide you for the option with a minimum contract term of two years. The telephone number is also here free possible.

In addition, SIM.DE currently offers the following deals:

NOW 8 GB Data volume for only 8.99 Euro MTL. To back up Now 20 GB data volume for only 19.99 Euro MTL. To back up

Now 11 GB data volume for only 11.11 Euro MTL. To back up

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