Domino's Pizza wants to attract new employees by giving away a Nintendo Switch

The pandemic caused millions of people around the world to lose their job, and now that things are slowly returning to normal, there are many vacancies to cover. Domino's Pizza In particular he claims to have about 7 thousand jobs available at Australia, and to attract potential candidates, they will be offering free pizza and a Nintendo Switch to a lucky worker.

PLATING WITH 9NOW, David Burgess, CEO of the Australian Division of Domino's Pizza, said that with this initiative seeking to attract new candidates:

We are really offering, any successful candidate, the opportunity to win a Nintendo Switch and pizza for a year, so that is that person, it will be very popular among his friends.

Most of them would be half-time or casual jobs, but we also have a strong principle of promotions within the company.

Nintendo Switch - OLED Model - Announcement Trailer

Obviously, this will only apply at Australia, so do not occur to you to give up your current job just for the opportunity to win a switch and pizza for a year. Burgess did not give more details about the type of employment to which the candidates should be applied, but everything indicates that this applies to all levels within the company.

Previously, Domino's Pizza has already been wrapped in the gaming scene, particularly for some comments that did about Halo Infinite last year.

Editor's note: It is certainly a fairly peculiar proposal, but it also sounds like an easy way to attract many employees who could apply, and after seeing that they did not win the switch, they renounce instantly. Of course, the free pizza is also a good incentive to apply, but personally, I would prefer the switch.