Exported new record... Maximum number of ideology is $ 604.9 billion

Korea annual exports wrote a new history. Thanks to the majority items such as semiconductor, shipbuilding, automobile, the annual export amount was the highest. The government predicted that the export of this year will be over $640 billion.

The Industrial Normal Resources Department said that the annual exports of 11:36 am on the 13th, the yearly exports of the year, exceeded $64.9 billion in 2018, and achieved the maximum performance of the company.

In 2018, we have changed the highest export record in three years topped $600. Korea Exports has achieved $100 million in 1964 to $10 billion in 1977, exceeding $1.00 billion in 1995.

The Industrial Department explained that by comparing the 2010 exports, which recorded the maximum export of the past to the market by November this year, With the driving force of the new record ▲ the main role of the main export industry ▲ The new export item is a new export item.

Based on manufacturing competitiveness, flagship industry exports have grown. H1N1 Coronavirus Infection (Corona 19) In the situation, the flagship industry, such as semiconductor, shipbuilding, and automobiles, has had a position in the world market. Memory semiconductors kept the first place in the market share of 1 ~ September. In the shortage of the semiconductor supply for vehicles, five car exporting countries continued to regulate. Chosen won the first or November liquefied natural gas (LNG) line and environmentally friendly shipping cost.

Bio, agricultural, fisheries, cosmetics, etc., have diverse export items, and the viscosity of the focus of focusing on the focus of focusing on the focus on the focus of the entity was added. Export pommies such as system semiconductors, eco-friendly cars, biosystems, secondary batteries, organic light emitting diodes (Sleds, agricultural, fisheries, and cosmetics have grown to the largest export scale beyond 2018. Bio and secondary batteries, agriculture, fisheries, 4 items exported to 4 items increased by $12.3 billion rather than 2018. It accounts for 45% of export increment.

This year's 1 ~ November, the exporting Dan, contributed to the maximum export performance. The export price of 12.6% higher than the previous year was the best in 2018.

This year's export ranking seventh in the same year and trade rankings in nine years. Corona 19 crisis, and the British and French export rankings were lower than last year, while Korea kept the spot. The trade size has been ranked 9th in the 9th place thanks to the global economy survived.

The government predicted that global trade will increase in Korea next year. However, Corona 19 mutations, supply chain instability, and the possibility of slowing the growth of China growth.

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The Minister of Industry and Industry, said, Maximum exports of the company, the most export of logistics, mutation viruses, and supply chain disrupts, etc., said, I will have a ridiculous performance with the Ministry of Commerce, I said.