Let's take a playhouse gaming room and take the Philips Hui !

Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea (SEEK) said that the SEEK is collaborated with 'Philips Hugh' on January 24, 21, 21, from December 24, 21, 21, on January 16, It is a product that constructs a customized LED effect in conjunction with the user's game screen with the personal smart light that is introduced in Philips Holiday Signature.

The event participation method is simple. After taking the game with your played gaming environment or play time, after shooting the game, uploading the private Instagram with the essential hashtag Playback Singing will complete the participation. Throughout the number of users who participated in the event, five of the total of 5 people consist of 'Philips Hugh Play Console Game SET', which consist of Hughinkles and Hugh Play, Hugh Bridge, will be paid to 10 patients. For more information on that event, Said Official Instagram and You can check through the Philips Labor Account.

Meanwhile, 'Philips Hugh' is a smart illumination that allows you to enjoy a game that is immersive through a colorful LED color of 16 million. In addition to being linked with the console and PC, you can enjoy various smart features with your mobile app. Especially, since it shows a quick response rate when it is interlocked with the game, it is a product that expresses a perfectly matched light with the color that the monitor displays without delay in the dynamic screen switching.

i built my DREAM Hidden Gaming Room in my Parents House!

Let's take a picture of a playhouse gaming room and get a Philips Hugh ! We will draw 20 of the people who have seen the article and leave a comment, and will pay Said Limited Ice Mold, and the Event Participant Power will be paid for 15 Kenny. Comments that are not related to articles may be excluded from the lottery. Thank you.

Events: Said Limited Edition Ice Mold (20 people) / Participant Power 15 Kenny Event period: December 28, 2021 (Tuesday) ~ Sunday, January 16, 2022 Winner Notice: From May 26, 2022 (Wed) Announced in the article

Event notice One. Only members who are logged in to the Hugh Playtion can be participated. 2. If you apply in an unauthorized way, the win is canceled, and the responsibility of the negative enrollment is also in the parties.

3 . Comments that are not related to events can be excluded from the lottery. 4. We will be able to provide individual guidance to the winner for prizes. 5 . If you include inappropriate words and abnormalities, including nickname, event participation comments, you may be excluded from the event application. 6 . Incorrect personal information inputs due to the input of personal information, it is not possible to contact the winner or redesign if the prizes are returned, and this loss is not responsible for our loss. 7 . If there is no reply within 90 days from the winner's announcement date, the win can be canceled. 8. For information on the events, please use the bulletin board for inquiries.