Line Games, Released on January 13, Unsembrane Dictionary Reservations

[Data provided: Line Games]

PC version Graphic improvement, Reasonable BM introduction, such as 'fun' center service plan,

On January 13, 00 00 o'clock is scheduled for formal launch... PC, mobile multi-platform, cross-player support

Line Games (Representative Kim Minsky) announced that the number of dictionary preservatives of the Multi-Platform Nuclear & Slash Action RPG ', which are scheduled to develop, and the Dictionary reserved number of RPG' December ', which is scheduled to be a service, said that it has exceeded 3 million.

'U. Sembembaru' has been achieved a steep growth and achieved a steep growth in November 25th and achieved a steep growth in a month, and achieved 3 million for a pre-reservation in a month.

The 'Ensemble' is a 'Runes Hunter' story to prevent the resurrection of the 'ten-third presence' serenity, and enjoy the battle and jamming through the play, and the collected equipment and 'rune (Rune)' It is characterized that you can enjoy the unlimited growth play of the class (job).

The high-end of the users, while using the last BT (Unboxing Test) test through the last BT (Unboxing Test) test, while the high-use game property is steadily introducing improved game properties such as a reasonable BM (Business Model) and 50% of the auction I led my expectation and favorable.

'U. Sembembar' is released on January 13, the domestic formal release. Global is planning to serve in the first quarter of next year. The game is available on mobile (Android OS, iOS) and PC (Floor) multi-platform, and supports each platform 'cross play'.

For pre-reservation information and games for 'Unsembrasembar', see Official Sites and via the Assembly Floor. Line Games is SNS channels, such as Facebook, Discord, and Official YouTube Channel are also disclosed in sequentially.