LOL: CAPS could have changed subtly from nick for season 2022

The Wall Street Wolf (The Wolf of Wall Surface Road) is an American movie made by Martin Scorsese, released in 2013. Influenced by an actual story, he informs the climb to the fortune of a stock exchange broker, Jordan Before, translated by Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as his malpractices in the heart of the 1980s, leading him to the loss and also a type of redemption. Adaptation of the homonymous memoir of Jordan Before (EN), it is the largest business success of Martin Scorsese.

We no longer present Caps, that has dominated the central street of the LEC for many years, either with the Fanatic T-Shirt or t-shirt G2 ESPORTS. A polished diamond along All these years, the Danish has shown in the past that does not fear the change. Whether to play ADC during a split or for League of Legends team leader, the Danish player has rope for a while. And it seems that another little surprise has been reserved for us for 2022. If we observe what we have been able to see in the CD, I would have decided to change their nick (game name), although it is true that it will not be a significant change, but a Small curious detail.

Do not worry about the fans who bought a G2 t-shirt during the Black Friday with the CAPS pattern. If the change is confirmed, it should be less. It is not like incarnati0n that became Jensen or Niels that became Even. The Midland G2 would change from caps to caps. It may be an unimportant nonsense for us, but for a player it means a lot. The pseudonym is part of the identity of the player and any capital letter or score is important. It remains to be seen if the change will really be effective in 2022, but nothing prevents the player from returning with the name of him as always.

We would also like to know where this change is coming from. No matter how much we look, we have not found a theory that justifies this cost. We will have to wait for the new season to start that it is what will happen with your nickname, but what we are sure It is that The team will completely change after the enormous changes that have emerged in G2 Esports after a pretty mediocre season if we compare it with the past seasons full of successes.